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Do you want to have an opinion on XTB ? We will help you! 🙂

XTB is one of the zero-commission brokers : it does not charge any commission on purchases of stocks and ETFs in cash (without leverage). A very interesting offer that we wanted to study, in addition to its CFD offer.

And we start this XTB review for 2022 with the advantages and disadvantages of the online broker.

XTB Opinion : in brief

XTB : Advantages and Disadvantages

XTB : advantages and disadvantages
Benefits Disadvantages
  • No commission on shares and ETFs (direct)
  • Advanced trading platform
  • Wide range of CFDs on equities, ETFs, commodities, currencies, cryptos
  • Low spreads and commissions on the entire CFD offering
  • No investment funds
  • Limit of €100,000 on the zero commission offer on equities and ETFs
Customer feedback Trustpilot : 3.8/5 out of 501 customer reviews
The opinion on the blinds Google Play : 4.4/5 out of 21921 reviews

AppStore : 4.7/5 out of 3900 reviews

Our opinion on XTB 18/20
Current offer 0% commission on cash equities and ETFs!

How is XTB regulated ?

XTB is a broker regulated by numerous financial regulators around the world :

  • the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus
  • the Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF) in Poland
  • the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) of Spain
  • the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
  • the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize

Here is a summary of the different jurisdictions in which XTB is regulated :

Regulation of the XTB broker
Jurisdiction Protection on deposited funds Controller Entity
🇬🇧 United Kingdom

85 000£

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

XTB Limited (UK)

🇨🇾 Cyprus

20 000€

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘CySEC’)

XTB Limited (CY)

🇪🇸 Spain

20 000€

National Securities Market Commission (CNMV)

XTB Sucursal

🇪🇺 Other European countries

20 100€

Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF)

X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski SA

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates


Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

XTB MENA Limited

Other countries


International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC)

XTB International Limited

The general opinion on XTB is that of a regulated broker with no history of fraudulent practices. XTB is not a broker that uses aggressive canvassing of its clients. We can also see that its communication is very cautious, there are no promises of easy and risk-free gains. All regulatory information and Terms of Use are displayed in full transparency, and we have not identified any negative points in them.

What is XTB’s reputation ?

The feedback from XTB’s trading clients is excellent. It can be said that XTB is among the brokers with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This high level of satisfaction can also be linked to the broker’s years of experience in its domestic market (Poland) and the countries where it operates (Europe, Asia, Middle East). XTB has been present on these markets for almost 20 years. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the favourite players of traders worldwide.

Here is a summary of the different opinions of XTB’s trading clients :

Customer reviews of XTB
TrustPilot Notice 3.8/5 out of 501 customer reviews
Google Play Reviews 4.4/5 out of 21921 reviews 🔥
App Store Reviews 4.7/5 out of 3900 reviews
Facebook Notice
General Sentiment ✔️ Excellent trading experience with xStation

✔️ Reduced rates on shares and ETFs

✔️ Excellent spreads

✔️ Very responsive customer service

Here are the positive points mentioned by XTB customers :

  • A great trading experience with xStation
  • Discounted rates on equities and ETFs
  • Excellent spreads
  • Very responsive customer service

XTB Reputation

The following are the negative points mentioned by XTB customers :

  • Untimely closing of positions (XTB does not allow scalping)
  • Sometimes very long delays on withdrawals

Overall, the customer reviews on XTB are favourable. This indicates that XTB is a broker with mostly satisfied customers, and that there is limited risk to your funds. It is the trading experience offered by XTB that enjoys almost unanimous positive reviews. We are also reassured by the absence of negative comments about price manipulation. Everything indicates that XTB can be considered a reliable and serious broker.

Who is XTB for? Our opinion

Our review of XTB is very positive. The broker offers a very complete trading experience at competitive rates. With a single account, one can access a live securities offer (without leverage) and on the other hand a financial products offer with leverage (CFD). You can switch from one to the other, and even combine these two types of instruments in hedging strategies. XTB is currently one of the most accessible brokers, as the minimum deposit is only €1 on its real account.

XTB will suit a wide range of profiles :

  • Passive investors in ETFs
  • Day traders active in CFDs
  • Beginning CFD traders and beginning equity investors

XTB for who ?

The main advantages of XTB are

  • Zero commission on equities and ETFs : up to €100,000 of transactions per month, 0.20% above that.
  • The excellent xStation 5 platform : and you can trade with either the xStation 5 platform or the Metatrader 4 terminal
  • Very competitive rates : on Forex, index and commodity CFDs. Slightly less advantageous on crypto CFDs
  • No fees on real time quotes : there are no additional costs for connecting to exchanges or for price feeds
  • Comprehensive educational content : the excellent XTB Academy is ideal if you are starting from scratch in trading and investing

The main disadvantages of XTB are

  • A minimum commission of €8 on equity CFDs : this has the effect of penalising « small » orders.
  • An exchange commission of 0.50% : this is quite high, but can be avoided by requesting the opening of sub-accounts in different currencies.

Investing with XTB : the markets

With XTB, you can invest in a total of more than 16 markets. The broker allows you to invest in the equity markets directly, and in the commodities markets, currencies, cryptos, materials via CFDs with leverage. The limited risk account, with negative balance protection, allows trading in all these instruments on the xStation 5 platform.

Here is an overview of the financial products offered by XTB :

Investing with XTB : the products on offer
Actions 2978 shares

(covering markets)

Actions 1888 shares
ETFs (Trackers) 139 ETFS
Forex 57 currency pairs
Indexes 42 indices
Materials 23 raw materials
Cryptocurrencies 14 Cryptos
Short selling Via CFD

Shares and ETFs

XTB offers commission-free investing in over 2,900 cash equities listed on 16 stock exchanges. The offer also includes over 280 ETFs. Note that the monthly volume is limited to €100,000 for the zero commission pricing policy : the broker applies 0.20% commission beyond this monthly limit. A large majority of these stocks and ETFs can also be traded via CFDs, to benefit from a leverage effect.

Here is a summary of XTB’s offer on shares and ETFs :


XTB’s offer on shares and ETFs
Markets Europe 🇩🇪 Germany
🇧🇪 Belgium
🇫🇷 France
🇩🇰 Denmark
🇪🇸 Spain
🇫🇮 Finland
🇮🇹 Italy
🇳🇴 Norway
🇳🇱 Netherlands
🇵🇱 Poland
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
🇨🇭 Swiss
🇸🇪 Sweden
🇨🇿 Czech Republic
Markets America 🇺🇸 United States
Markets Asia Not available
Markets Other Not available
  • 2978 Direct shares
  • 1888 CFD Shares
  • 285 direct ETFs
  • 139 CFD ETFS

XTB is a real stock broker : it offers investment in cash stocks by actually owning the securities. These are not instruments that replicate the performance of stocks and ETFs. There are several advantages to this :

  • Voting rights : especially at general meetings of shareholders
  • Dividend entitlement : if the share or ETF pays an annual or semi-annual dividend, this is added to your portfolio
  • Right to information : the right to consult various internal company publications, as well as all documentation intended for shareholders

In our opinion, XTB has a very interesting offer on shares and ETFs. Especially for direct investment in European and US listed securities. Compared to traditional brokers and other brokers, XTB allows you to save a lot of money on commissions, stock exchange connection fees, custody fees and other additional costs. However, be careful not to confuse zero commission with free : although XTB does not charge any commission on direct stocks and ETFs, it still earns a spread as you can see in the image below :

XTB Indices


With XTB, you can invest in 37 indices via CFDs. XTB offers a wide range of stock, sector and currency indices : the 37 indices include the main stock indices, regional indices (Eurostoxx 50), emerging market indices (Vietnam 30, Brazil 50), currency indices (US dollar index), bond indices (T Note) and also volatility indices (VIX), which are very popular with traders.

Here is a summary of the 37 indices available at XTB :

Investing with XTB on indices
Instrument Number Examples
Indices Europe


  • AUT20
  • DE30
  • DE30.CASH
  • EU50
  • EU50.CASH
  • FRA40
  • FRA40.CASH
  • ITA40
  • ITA40.CASH
  • NED25
  • SPA35
  • SPA35.CASH
  • SUI20
  • UK100
  • UK100.CASH
  • W20
Indices America


  • US100
  • US100.CASH
  • US2000
  • US30
  • US30.CASH
  • US500
  • US500.CASH
Asia & Pacific Indices


  • VIET30
  • JAP225
  • KOSP200
  • AUS200
Indices Other regions



Currency indices & others


  • US Dollar Index
  • Volatility Index
  • 10-year US Treasury Note

Several pieces of information have been noted on the broker’s selection of CFD indices :

  • Cash and futures indices
  • From 0.01 lot
  • CFD indices but also CFDs on index ETFs

In our opinion, XTB offers a very interesting range of indices due to its diversity and low spreads. We note that XTB offers not only CFDs on stock indices but also CFDs on index ETFs and even CFDs on baskets of stocks. For example, there is the USFANG CFD which is based on a basket of 10 technology stocks, including Facebook/Meta, Apple, Netflix, Google. If you are an active day trader on this type of CFD, XTB’s offer will suit you !

Cryptos (Bitcoin…)

XTB offers 14 crypto-currencies via CFDs. These 14 cryptos are the largest in terms of capitalisation (token price x number of units in circulation). These are therefore large cryptos with high liquidity. Note that CFDs are not listed on exchanges or stock exchanges : they are financial products for which the broker is your counterparty.

Here is a summary of the 14 CFD cryptos available at XTB :

Investing with XTB in cryptos
CFD crypto Minimum spread
EOS 2,00%
RIPPLE 0,50%
TEZOS 2,00%

Here are some interesting facts noted about the broker’s crypto offering :

  • No security concerns : With a CFD, you don’t hold positions in cryptos, there is no risk of hacking as there is on cryptocurrency trading platforms.
  • XTB offers attractive fees : much cheaper on cryptos than other online brokers. You can compare the fees via the demo account
  • Beware of daily swap fees : if a trade remains open beyond one trading day, any position in a crypto CFD will incur a daily swap fee.

In our opinion, XTB has an interesting offer on cryptos. The first advantage lies in the slightly less dangerous leverage. Since July 2021, crypto platforms such as Binance have reduced their leverage to 20 (down from 125). At XTB, you can’t exceed a leverage of 1:5 regardless of your country. This means that you still have the possibility of getting more exposure than the capital you hold in your account. But on the other hand the potential losses remain limited.


With XTB, you can invest in 23 commodities, always via CFDs. XTB is an extremely competitive broker when it comes to spreads on commodity CFDs : its spreads are among the best on the market. If you are considering day trading in commodity CFDs, we recommend that you try XTB’s offer in demo mode. This will give you a better idea of the spreads at different times of the day (European session, US session, etc).

Here is an overview of the 23 commodity CFDs available at XTB :

Investing with XTB in commodities
Instrument Number Examples


Cotton, Coffee, Wheat, Cocoa, Maize, Soya, Sugar


Gasoil, Gasoil Low Sulphur, Natural Gas, WTI Oil, Brent Oil
Industrial metals


Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc
Precious metals


Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver


10-year Bund, CO2 emission rights, 2-year Schatz Bonds, 10-year T-Note

Here is some information we have noted about XTB’s commodity offering :

  • The most traded agricultural commodities : XTB offers 7 of them, whose CFDs follow the prices from the main trading centres (Chicago Board of Trade, Intercontinental Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, etc.)
  • Very competitive spreads : XTB is one of the cheapest brokers on commodity CFDs. On the Gold CFD, for example, there is a spread of only 3 to 3.5 pips during the European session
  • From 0.01 lot : XTB allows you to trade with much less capital than if you were trading futures on the same commodities. In addition, with a CFD, liquidity is better as the broker is your counterparty.

In our opinion, XTB has a very attractive offer on commodities. The offer is less extensive than some competing brokers, but it includes all the most traded commodities : Gold, WTI Oil, Platinum. The main advantage of XTB is its pricing : the broker only charges a spread, there is no minimum commission. This tends to give a level playing field between « small » and « large » orders, since all position openings on these CFDs collect fees in equal proportions.

XTB forex


The XTB broker has a range of 57 currency pairs. Amongst these Forex CFDs, there are of course the 7 major pairs, plus a selection of minor and exotic Forex pairs. On the major pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY we have seen some of the best spreads in the market. However, one small drawback of XTB is that it does not allow scalping on its xStation 5 trading platform, so if you are a Forex scalper, XTB’s offering is not for you.

Here is a summary of XTB’s Forex CFD offering :

Investing with XTB in Forex
Instrument Number Examples
Major pairs
Cross Pairs
Minor and exotic pairs

Here is some more information about XTB’s Forex offering :

  • From 0.01 lot : XTB allows you to trade Forex with mini-lots, i.e. positions of $1000. This makes it a very accessible broker
  • Very competitive spreads : XTB’s spreads on CFDs are among the best in the market. For example, the spread on the EUR/USD pair is less than 1 pip during the European session
  • Only one type of trading account : Unlike other Forex brokers, XTB does not offer a Forex trading account with batch commission. All fees are already included in the spread

Our review of XTB and its Forex CFD offering is very positive. Thanks to its competitive spreads and low overnight fees, XTB is a great broker for day trading and swing trading on the major Forex pairs. In addition, its xStation 5 trading platform has some very useful features for Forex trading, such as the economic calendar and daily analysis from the XTB analyst team.

The fees on XTB

The fees on XTB are divided into four categories :

  • Spreads and commissions
  • Rollover fees : also called overnight fees, swap fees or rollovers
  • Conversion fees : which are applied when you trade instruments in a currency different from your account currency
  • Administrative charges : including withdrawal and inactivity charges

Overall, the fees at XTB are competitive. XTB has competitive trading fees, regardless of the instrument. As we have written, the broker charges no commission on direct (unleveraged) purchases of stocks and ETFs. Its spreads are also among the most competitive in the market.

Here is an overview of XTB’s price list :

Fees on XTB
Shares (live) 0% + Spread

(0.20% above €100,000 per month)

Forex (EUR/USD) 0.1 pip
Shares (Apple CFD) 0.08% (min $8)
Indices (US100) 100 pips
Materials (WTI Oil) 5 pips
Crypto (Bitcoin) 0,22%
Deposits No charge
Inactivity fees 10/month (from the 12th inactive month)

XTB fees

Collection/Deposit Fee

XTB’s withdrawal fees depend on the amount withdrawn : for example, if your withdrawal is less than USD 100 (or EUR 80, GBP 60, HUF 12,000), the broker charges a fee. However, above these thresholds, XTB does not apply any fees. XTB does not charge any fees for deposits.

Here is a summary of XTB’s deposit and withdrawal fees :

Deposit / withdrawal fees at XTB
Currency of the account Deposits Withdrawals

Free of charge

  • 20 if less than $100
  • Free of charge beyond

Free of charge

  • 16€ if less than 80
  • Free of charge beyond

Free of charge

  • 12 if less than £60
  • Free of charge beyond

Free of charge

  • 3000HUF if less than 12000HUF
  • Free of charge beyond

In our opinion, XTB has competitive deposit/withdrawal fees. However, it is better to wait until the winnings are above the thresholds indicated by the broker before making withdrawals. Otherwise, the withdrawal fees become too high. Note that XTB processes withdrawal requests within 24 hours of the request. The processing is done the same day if the withdrawal request is made before 1pm. For requests made after 1pm, the withdrawal will be processed the next business day.

Trading fees

XTB applies trading fees in 2 categories :

  1. Spreads and commissions : the spread is the difference at any given time between the bid and ask price
  2. Rollover fees : which are daily interest on leveraged positions held beyond the end of the day

Here is an overview of different spreads at XTB :

XTB trading fees
Live 0%
CFD shares 0.08% (min 8€ or 8$)
USD/JPY 1.8 pips
EUR/USD 0.1 pip
USD/CHF 0.2 pip
GBP/USD 0.25 pip
NASDAQ 100 100 pips
S&P 500 75 pips
DJ 30 600 pips
FRA 40 100 pips
GER 40 200 pips
CFD raw materials
Oil 5 pips
Natural gas 10 pips
Gold 40 pips
Bitcoin 0,70%
Ethereum 0,25%
Bitcoin Cash 1,90%
Litecoin 1,90%
Dash 2,90%
Cardano 2,90%

XTB’s trading fees are mainly represented by spreads. There are no commissions on spot stocks and ETFs, CFDs on indices, Forex, commodities and cryptos – only spreads. When you open a position in these instruments, there is automatically a loss in value proportional to the spread. On Bitcoin, for example, a spread of 0.22% means that when you open a long position, there will be an immediate loss of -0.22%, i.e. -$2.20 for a $1000 position.

The only exception is for CFDs on shares and ETFs. On these two types of CFDs, in addition to the spread, there is a commission of 0.08% with a minimum amount of $8, £8 or €8 depending on the exchange.

Our opinion on XTB and its fees is positive. XTB’s fees are very competitive, and the broker is even one of the cheapest CFD brokers on the market. On cash equities and ETFs, XTB is also very competitive with no commissions. It is true that there is a monthly limit of €100,000 on this zero commission policy, however we believe that few traders are actually concerned with a monthly trading volume of over €100,000. With this in mind, XTB is a great broker for investing in stocks and ETFs.

Additional costs

XTB’s ancillary costs are as follows :

  • Conversion fee : 0.50%.
  • Inactivity fee : €10 per month from the 12th month of inactivity

The 0.50% conversion fee is applied when you trade an instrument denominated in a different currency to your account. For example, it is applied if you trade the Amazon CFD (denominated in USD) while your account is denominated in EUR or GBP.

Our opinion of XTB and its fees is mixed. The conversion fees are quite high compared to the conversion fees charged by competing brokers. At DEGIRO, for example, the conversion fee is 0.10%, which is five times less. Fortunately, it is possible to open sub-accounts in different currencies. For example, you can open an XTB sub-account in USD dedicated to trading instruments denominated in USD.

Review of XTB Trading Platform

Our review of the XTB trading platform is positive. xStation 5 is a trading platform with advanced features, such as the stock screener, heatmap and excellent presentation of information in the order ticket. However, it is still easy to learn and use, even for a novice trader. Overall we found the trading experience on xStation 5 to be excellent. Our review of the XTB trading app and platform will show what the positives and negatives of the trading platform are on multiple aspects such as security and handling.

Here is a summary of the main features of the XTB platform :

XTB Trading Platform
Platforms xStation 5 (web)

xStation mobile (mobile)

Order types At the market


News feed Yes
Economic calendar Yes
Other features Heatmap

Scanning shares

Automatic trading / Copy trading No
Security Dual Authentication
Aesthetics 5/5
Ergonomics 5/5
Order placement 5/5
Alerts and notifications 5/5
Security 5/5
Customisation 4/5
Quality of execution 5/5

Ergonomics and performance

The ergonomics and performance of the xStation platform are excellent. When the terminal is opened, all the main menus are directly accessible. By default, xStation is presented in a way that allows you to directly select an instrument and proceed with its analysis. Overall, the platform is organised into five main menus :

  1. The Market Window
  2. Price charts
  3. The economic calendar
  4. The news
  5. The history

In use, we have noticed several interesting points in terms of ergonomics :

  • Graphs are detachable : just click on the header of a graph to detach it in a separate window. Working with multiple screens is therefore possible with xStation
  • Dark or light display : by default the display is dark, but you can choose to switch to light mode
  • An internal order book : This is one of the options available in xStation. It is not enabled by default, and you have to go to its settings to enable its display. Note that this is an internal XTB order book, not a Nasdaq or Euronext order book

In our opinion, XTB’s xStation 5 is a true professional trading terminal. We therefore recommend trading with xStation 5 rather than MetaTrader 4 (which is also compatible with the XTB trading account). The advantage is that there is no software to install on your PC/Mac, as xStation 5 is a 100% web-based platform. It opens in a standard browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari. We will also see that its technical and fundamental analysis tools are very advanced.

XTB plateform trading

Technical analysis tools

In xStation, there is a wide variety of technical analysis tools :

  • Technical indicators
  • Chartism tools (channels, lines, forks, labels, harmonic formations, etc)
  • Free annotation figures

All these tools are found in a vertical toolbar in the course chart. This toolbar is customisable, you can highlight the most frequently used tools :

The technical analysis tools in xStation include all the popular tools :

  • Lines and channels
  • Andrew’s range
  • Fibonacci retracements : retracements but also arc, channel, fan, time and Fibonacci expansion
  • Elliott’s waves

Our opinion of XTB and its technical analysis tools is positive. The xStation 5 platform is a real professional platform : the tools are complete and efficient. We only regret that the analyses are not visible on another chart : to be more precise, the plots are visible on the same chart, and on different time units. However, if you open another price chart on the same instrument, the plots are not transposed.

Fundamental analysis tools

In XTB’s xStation, there are three main fundamental analysis tools :

  • A stock screener
  • A heatmap
  • Market news

Among these tools, the stock screener is a very useful tool for stock investors and day traders in stock CFDs. It works by sorting stocks using basic criteria such as market capitalisation, country, sector, P/E ratio, beta index, dividend yield and other criteria. Thanks to this sorting, you can distinguish between stocks and identify undervalued stocks, stocks with the best dividends, small cap and mid cap stocks, etc.

The heatmap is very useful for day traders of stocks and currencies. It works as a visual map to see which stocks are the most traded, which currencies are moving in relation to others.

Our review of xStation and its fundamental analysis tools is very positive. Traders who rely on fundamental analysis will be satisfied with XTB’s fundamental tools : economic calendar, stock screener, heatmap, order book, news. The tools are very complete. They are also free, which is a very important positive point. There is no extra cost to use these tools. Generally speaking, such tools are only available on a subscription basis from traditional brokers.

How to open an XTB account

There are 3 main steps to opening an account with XTB :

  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Provide the required supporting documents
  3. Deposit your funds

1. Fill in the registration form

To view the registration form, you need to go to the XTB website : xtb.com. The broker gives you the choice between opening a demo account or directly opening a real account. Note that in both cases, no deposit is required. There is no commitment.

In the registration form, XTB asks you for standard information : surname, first name, date of birth, address, valid e-mail. Afterwards, other forms are displayed, where you will have to fill in the currency of your account and answer questions about your knowledge of different financial products.

XTB Create Account

2. Provide the required supporting documents

The supporting documents required by XTB are as follows :

  • proof of identity : copy of identity card or passport
  • proof of address : utility bill (gas / electricity / internet / mobile)

Only after verification of the account will all restrictions be lifted.

3. Depositing your funds

Once you have completed the registration form and submitted your supporting documents, you will need to deposit money into your trading account using the following payment methods :

  • Credit card : Visa or MasterCard
  • Bank transfer : by entering your ID and customer number in the subject line of the transfer
  • E-wallets : Skrill and PayPal

Opening an account is quite classic on XTB : no complexity to fear on this aspect. Note that the account currency is the US dollar, regardless of your country. A deposit in euros, pounds sterling or yen will automatically be converted into US dollars.

In addition to your real account, you should also know that XTB is simultaneously opening a demo account with $20,000 of virtual funds. A word of warning regarding the declaration of your earnings : your XTB account may have to be declared according to the tax laws of your country, in addition to your trading income.

How to deposit and withdraw money on XTB

To deposit and withdraw money from XTB, you need to go to your Personal Space/Client Office XTB to initiate the withdrawal request. For the very first withdrawal by bank transfer, XTB will verify your bank details in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Only after the payment account (bank, e-wallet) has been verified will you be able to initiate a withdrawal through the following steps :

  1. Click on « Withdraw Funds » or « Deposit Funds
  2. Enter the amount to be withdrawn
  3. Choose the payment method
  4. Click on « Validate » to validate the request

Regardless of the payment method, XTB takes no more than 1 working day to process your request :

Withdrawing and depositing money on XTB : processing times
Method of payment Withdrawals Deposits
Minimum amount

80 EUR / 100 USD / 60 GBP

No minimum

Credit/debit card

1 working day


Bank transfer

1 working day

1 working day

Here is some important information about withdrawal requests at XTB :

  • No third party accounts : money withdrawn can only be returned to the bank account in your name. You cannot withdraw funds to your spouse’s account, for example
  • Thresholds for the application of fees : For customers with an account at XTB Limited (UK), no fee is charged for withdrawals above £60, €80 or $100. For customers who have an account with XTB Limited (CY), there is no charge for withdrawals over €100. For customers with an account at XTB International Limited, there is no charge for withdrawals over $50.
  • No fees on the XTB side : the broker covers all fees charged by its bank. All other potential costs (beneficiary and intermediary bank) are paid by the client according to the commission tables of these banks.

In our opinion, XTB is rather reassuring about its deposit and withdrawal fees : they are transparent and above all reduced. However, you have to respect the thresholds to avoid being penalised by fees. We also noted the very fast processing of requests, which does not exceed 1 working day on XTB’s side. Few brokers are that fast! There is nothing negative to report about the management of withdrawals by XTB.

Conclusion : is XTB reliable ?

XTB is a reliable broker. When you trade with XTB, you are trading with a regulated broker, with a responsive customer service, a powerful and reliable platform. You are also trading with a platform with no hidden fees. The XTB broker has many advantages and few disadvantages. This makes it an excellent broker for different profiles: first-time investors, beginners, experienced day traders and even professional traders.

Our positive review of XTB joins the many positive customer reviews about the broker (TrustPilot, Google Play, App Store). It also joins the many positive reviews from the international financial press and many independent news media. Among XTB’s advantages, its xStation 5 platform receives the most positive reviews. We have tested xStation 5 and we also believe that it is one of the best CFD trading and stock/ETF investment platforms today.

Here is our summary of the main benefits of XTB :

  • A 0% brokerage offer on equities, regardless of the market (US, Europe, Asia-Pacific) and more globally competitive fees on all CFDs
  • The excellent xStation 5 trading platform : a real trading room, with very interesting tools such as the stock screener, heatmap, internal order book and economic calendar
  • Excellent customer service : very responsive and always available to assist you

Here is our summary of the small disadvantages of XTB :

  • The absence of an order book on equities and ETFs, instead we only have an internal order book which gives information on XTB clients’ position taking only
  • The €100,000 limit on the zero commission policy : even if few traders will actually be affected by this

In conclusion, XTB is an essential broker for day trading on all types of assets: indices, stocks, ETFs, Forex, commodities and cryptos.

We hope you have enjoyed this feedback on XTB! Please feel free to share your experience of XTB as a customer whether your opinion is positive or negative, strong opinions on XTB are always welcome! 🙂

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Best-online-brokers.com le guía en su descubrimiento de los mercados financieros proporcionándole información fiable y clara sobre el funcionamiento de los mercados y sobre los diferentes brokers para elegir el adecuado. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com ti guida alla scoperta dei mercati finanziari fornendoti informazioni affidabili e chiare su come funzionano i mercati e sui diversi broker per scegliere quello giusto. ❤








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Best-online-brokers.com vă ghidează în descoperirea piețelor financiare, oferindu-vă informații fiabile și clare despre cum funcționează piețele și despre diferiții brokeri pentru a-l alege pe cel potrivit. ❤








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Best-online-brokers.com prowadzi Cię przez odkrywanie rynków finansowych, dostarczając Ci wiarygodnych i jasnych informacji na temat funkcjonowania rynków oraz różnych brokerów, abyś mógł wybrać tego właściwego. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com opastaa sinua rahoitusmarkkinoiden löytämisessä tarjoamalla sinulle luotettavaa ja selkeää tietoa markkinoiden toiminnasta ja eri välittäjistä, jotta voit valita oikean välittäjän. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com juhendab teid finantsturgude avastamisel, andes teile usaldusväärset ja selget teavet turgude toimimise ja erinevate maaklerite kohta, et valida õige maakler. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com begleitet Sie bei Ihrer Entdeckung der Finanzmärkte, indem es Ihnen zuverlässige und klare Informationen über die Funktionsweise der Märkte und die verschiedenen Broker zur Verfügung stellt, damit Sie den richtigen auswählen können. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com begleitet Sie bei Ihrer Entdeckung der Finanzmärkte, indem es Ihnen zuverlässige und klare Informationen über die Funktionsweise der Märkte und die verschiedenen Broker zur Verfügung stellt, damit Sie den richtigen auswählen können. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com guidar dig genom din upptäckt av finansmarknaderna genom att ge dig tillförlitlig och tydlig information om hur marknaderna fungerar och om olika mäklare för att välja rätt mäklare. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com guider dig gennem din opdagelse af de finansielle markeder ved at give dig pålidelige og klare oplysninger om, hvordan markederne fungerer, og om de forskellige mæglere, så du kan vælge den rigtige. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com palīdzēs jums atklāt finanšu tirgus, sniedzot uzticamu un skaidru informāciju par to, kā darbojas tirgi, un par dažādiem brokeriem, lai izvēlētos pareizo. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com palīdzēs jums atklāt finanšu tirgus, sniedzot uzticamu un skaidru informāciju par to, kā darbojas tirgi, un par dažādiem brokeriem, lai izvēlētos pareizo. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com vás prevedie objavovaním finančných trhov tým, že vám poskytne spoľahlivé a jasné informácie o fungovaní trhov a o rôznych makléroch, aby ste si mohli vybrať toho správneho. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com vas vodi pri odkrivanju finančnih trgov, saj vam zagotavlja zanesljive in jasne informacije o tem, kako delujejo trgi, in o različnih posrednikih, da izberete pravega. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com vás provede objevováním finančních trhů tím, že vám poskytne spolehlivé a jasné informace o tom, jak trhy fungují, a o různých makléřích, abyste si mohli vybrat toho správného. ❤


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Best-online-brokers.com le guía en su descubrimiento de los mercados financieros proporcionándole información fiable y clara sobre el funcionamiento de los mercados y sobre los diferentes brokers para elegir el adecuado. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com le guía en su descubrimiento de los mercados financieros proporcionándole información fiable y clara sobre el funcionamiento de los mercados y sobre los diferentes brokers para elegir el adecuado. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com le guía en su descubrimiento de los mercados financieros proporcionándole información fiable y clara sobre el funcionamiento de los mercados y sobre los diferentes brokers para elegir el adecuado. ❤

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Best-online-brokers.com le guía en su descubrimiento de los mercados financieros proporcionándole información fiable y clara sobre el funcionamiento de los mercados y sobre los diferentes brokers para elegir el adecuado. ❤

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Το Best-online-brokers.com σας καθοδηγεί στην ανακάλυψη των χρηματοπιστωτικών αγορών παρέχοντάς σας αξιόπιστες και σαφείς πληροφορίες σχετικά με τον τρόπο λειτουργίας των αγορών και τους διάφορους χρηματιστές για να επιλέξετε τον κατάλληλο. ❤


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O Best-online-brokers.com guia-o através da sua descoberta dos mercados financeiros, fornecendo-lhe informações fiáveis e claras sobre o funcionamento dos mercados e sobre os diferentes corretores para escolher o corretor certo. ❤








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O Best-online-brokers.com guia você através de sua descoberta dos mercados financeiros, fornecendo-lhe informações confiáveis e claras sobre como os mercados funcionam e sobre os diferentes corretores para escolher o corretor certo. ❤